Welcome to our blog with florists, about florists, for florists.
The first florist to be featured is Eva Pettersson, who owns and runs Löthnergården Inredning & Blomster Bålsta since 2020.

Why did you choose the florist profession?
My idea was that I would become an art teacher. But my dad had a flower shop, so I had to start working there on weekends and holidays. I started with simpler chores such as sweeping the floor etc. After that, I applied to Ingvar Strand’s Flower School and since then I have continued to educate and develop myself in the florist profession. It has given me a genuine interest for the industry, flowers, and customers.

Did it turn out as you thought?
Yes, I think so! Love my profession! There is so much fun to do. I have taken Journeyman’s Certificate, Master’s Certificate, and I am also a Journeyman’s Examiner for new florists, have worked as a Florist teacher, and started Fränd&Fränd through which I previously arranged Florist Day at Krägga Herrgård here in Bålsta. It was three years in a row which were incredibly intense, rewarding, and fun. I invited several florists who arranged flower vernissages and shared their experiences, as well as some lectures about the industry, in various interesting areas. A very nice way to meet florist colleagues from all over the Nordic region and at the same time get inspiration and develop as a florist. We’ll see if there will be any more of that in the future. Would be a fun challenge!

I have worked in many different flower shops in Stockholm, and also for a couple of years at IGNIS in the mid-90s, a funeral home with a flower department. From 1997 to 2007 I started and ran Fantasifloristen in Bålsta, and also Fantasifloristen in Sigtuna alongside that during 2004-2007. After that, I studied to become a marketing economist at IHM for 2 years. But the flowers lured me back to the industry after a few years in other professions. In 2012 I was regional manager for stores in Stockholm Mälardalen at Euroflorist. We helped with business development, purchasing, inspiration, etc. After that, it was many years as a consultant in the flower/event industry. To finally in the Summer of 2020 find my fourth store and my last project, Löthnergården in Bålsta that I still run.
Right now we are loading up with goods in our lovely garden department for this year’s outdoor season and upcoming holidays. There is a lot to do and always something you can contribute to!

What drives you to continue to develop?
Oh, that’s the combination of it all! I love the flowers and have so much fun with my co-workers. To bounce ideas off them and develop together. I want to continue to learn more, learn further and at the same time get better at what I am doing. There is always more to learn. Knowledge is inspiring!


What are you like as a manager?
Open, straightforward, and present!

Open = is clear about what is happening with and in the company. Shows numbers, explain a lot about how things affect each other in the chain.

Straight = on things that are needed here and now. I explain what I expect and want my employees to give me feedback immediately if it doesn’t work. This is incredibly important in a small and tight organization.

Present = Work within the store with all chores. I step in and help in case of illness etc. It is important that they see what you are doing and not just hear. This item is heavy to carry for self-employed people as we have everything else behind the scenes to take care of, such as purchasing, accounting, planning, marketing etc. Working only 40 hours a week is a goal to go down to.

How do you work more environmentally conscious?
It is a work that is constantly ongoing. For example, we have acquired a hybrid car. We have switched to an electricity contract with renewable electricity. Our packaging is environmentally certified, we try not to use plastic products, cellophane, etc. We have waste sorting through an agreement with Ragnsells, who sorts everything for us. It’s very nice to be able to buy that service and get it done. Packaging such as cartons we take back to our wholesaler Hukra Cashen who reuses them in turn and we do not have to pay for it. We scrub the floors with soap etc.

What challenges do you see ahead?
It’s tough in the industry. It has been for many years, but it is particularly noticeable now. Many florists have to close down their businesses as large giants take over flower sales more and more. But who will do the craft? Who will pass it on? Large parts of our profession are in the crafts. To tie artisanal, beautiful bouquets and create different decorations and arrangements for all these different occasions and traditions that we do in our industry. It is a difficult job at times. We have a big challenge there! It is important to find the right employee who buys you and your store’s concept and way of working 100%. They need to be responsive and tolerant of customers and their employees. Stand up for each other and the store, of course this point is mutual. Everyone has their qualities and fits in in different ways. The mindset you can not only get, you have to give too. The willingness to learn new things and dare to try is something I appreciate with us.

I want my store to be like a living theater! All the lights should be on and the stage should be lit! I’m passionate about flowers and that the show continues!