Exclusive Gerbera from Kwekerij de Zuidplas

Looking for exclusive Gerbera varieties? We’ve got you covered! Kwekerij de Zuidplas is one of our suppliers of exclusive Gerbera.

Situated in Moerkappelle, the company consists of two different nurseries, located in each other’s vicinity. Led by the brothers Leen and Juriaan the company spans 6 hectares and produces up to 23 million stems of Gerbera a year. The company has a long history and is a family business, and has been growing Gerbera for 40 years.

The assortment of the Zuidplas consists of 82 varies, of which a part is exclusive Pastini and Spider varieties. We at Hukra love these varieties a lot! Popular varieties are Rosata and Rivello and can often be found at our cash&carry’s as well!

Especially the last fifteen years the company has seen a rise in the popularity and demand for Gerbera. Therefore, they want to have every colour available for every customer and every market. It is for this reason that their assortment is as broad as it is.

A Gerbera plant usually lasts around three years in the greenhouse. As there is only a small percentage of fallout, there are few plants that need to be replaced each year. De Zuidplas has invested a lot in sustainability the past few years. Natural enemies are used to control pests. Guest plants are placed on ledges above the Gerbera to make sure these little bugs settle throughout the whole greenhouse.

De Zuidplas is a MPS certified grower, holding the MPS A, MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ certificates.

Investment in LED-lights have resulted in a reduction of 50% in energy use. Research has also shown that – together with innovation in Gerbera breeding – the LED-lights make for a stronger flower. Alongside this several dehumidifiers keep the climate in the greenhouse optimal, and screens along the roof can be closed to keep the warmth in during the winter months.


The Gerbera are only harvested when they are in the right stadium. This means one ring of stamens must be visible in the flower. It is very important that the flower is harvested in the right way. They must be broken off the plant with a certain twisting motion to prevent diseases and pests from taking an interest in the plant. People new to working with Gerbera in the greenhouse are carefully instructed on the process of harvesting. After harvesting, the flowers are packed and send to the flower auction, or directly to the customers.

It is often thought that the Gerbera is not a very strong flower and needs a wire to keep the stem sturdy. De Zuidplas believes in the quality of their flowers, and that putting wires on their flowers is not necessary at all! If they are put in a clean vase with clean water and flower food, they should last as long as any other flower.

Find the Zuidplas’s exclusive assortment in our webshop through VMP and under the Gerbera/Germini button!