Montana Lisianthus

In the village of Poeldijk, the Netherlands, you can find Montana Lisianthus. This company has been growing amazing cut flower Lisianthus for over thirty years. Their innovative assortment is full of beautiful and exclusive varieties.

Varieties are selected with care, making sure that whatever the nursery brings to the market is exclusive and of the highest quality. Owners Frank and Corinne both have grown up in the horticultural sector, and as such have a lot of knowledge and are not afraid to try something new.

The assortment spans about 30 varieties, that are grown spread out over the seasons. Darker, warmer colours in Autumn and Winter, and brighter, lighter colours in Spring and Summer. The company looks to introduce new varieties on the market each year, and do this in close collaborations with their breeders. Newer additions to the assortment are the colour changing Blue Chateau, and the lovely freckled variety Stracciatella Lavender.

Other nice varieties that are different from the norm is the Botanic line in various colours and the much loved Bohemian Choco.


Montana Lisianthus grows their Lisianthus with commitment to the environment. Their greenhouse is full of energy reducing led lights and they are Global G.A.P. certified. Organic pesticides and natural enemies are used to keep out disease and pests.

The flowers that we see in the vase, arrive at the nursery as small plants. They are planted in steamed soil. In a span of approximately eight weeks – depending on the variety – the plants grow and develop the beautiful flowers that we know. The flowers are grown with extreme care, planted wider apart than is usual to allow them to develop heavy quality stems. After harvesting, the flowers are immediately placed in water with extra flower food. After harvesting, the soil is cleaned and steamed again, so that it’s ready for the next batch of flowers.

Not afraid to try something new? Alongside their regular assortment, Montana Lisianthus also has a dyed collection, spanning 16 colours, created with organic pigments!

Montana Lisianthus’ assortment can be found in our web shop.


Care tips

  • Cut the ends of the stem, and place the flowers in clean water. Make sure that the vase/bucket is really clean and make sure that the leaves don’t touch the water.
  • Flower food is a must for Lisianthus! It ensures for a long vase life. When refreshing the water, add new flower food.
  • Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight or draft.